September 23, 2012

Office Makeover

I started a new job this year, which also meant I got a new office space. I spent a week this summer transforming this...
Into this
I used a bright and cheerful color scheme to create a comfortable and inviting space for both students and staff.  
I love these built in bookshelves 
Hooray for windows! For those of you who may not work in a school, windows are  a coveted item.
This office is also a great example of how you can transform a space {in your home or at school} without breaking the bank.
Supply List
Couches: Left by previous counselor - Free
Slip covers: Set of two purchased from Ebay -$30
Pillows: Target - $10 each
Rug: Found on clearance at Wal-Mart - $18
Chair: Also from Wal-Mart - $13
Coffee Table: Ikea - $19
Posters - Printed and laminated myself - Free
Plastic Bins - Dollar Tree - $1 each
Everything else I had on hand or brought from my last school
Total spent: $125 {Big impact, small cost}

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